WATCH: Building an RX-8 in 8 Minutes!

This project has been the most fun to build by far! We've been working on this car for the last 3 months and the end result couldn't be any better. We bought this car as a normal RX-8 with a few modifications, but we immediately changed that by installing air suspension, carbon fiber panels, new wheels, and a wide body kit. After that, we topped the car off with a fresh coat of paint and it looks beautiful! Watch the video to see how we change this car from a normal RX-8 to an exotic wide-bodied car that has people turning their heads when it drives by. 
For those of you who don't know, we gave this car away in our throtl VIP sweepstakes. We build a different car every 3 months and give it away in our VIP sweepstakes because we want to give back to the car community for supporting us. If you want to win the next car we are building CLICK HERE

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