WATCH: The Most Outrageous Wagon

To Be The Man, You’ve Got To Beat The Man

BMW E92 M3 coupes are cool but throtl’s Mickey Andrade set out to create something that was unique and that would be remembered by all that came across it. His love of Japanese car styling and their gnarly turbo engines led him to create this outlandishly styled inline 6 twin turbo powered German people mover called “#RicFlare”. We should add that the infamous wrestlers name was misspelled purposely as a nod to the widened fender “flares” the car now carries. It’s been appropriately named after the wild 80’s wrestling star known for his ridiculous antics, playboy demeanor and larger than life persona.

The crew at Legends Media have captured the over the top E91 wagon and edited some killer clips together in this two minute and eleven second quick featurette. The flick opens with some great cinematic shots of Andrade walking out to the car and then escalates to some killer static, slammed looks and culminating in some extremely low rolling shots.

We look forward to seeing more from Legends Media as this launch video is pretty epic!

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