We Bought a CRASHED Toyota Supra & We're going to Rebuild it!


We just Bought this 2020 Toyota Supra from Tj Hunt and Calvin! Unfortunately it was in an accident recently so it has a few things that need attention. However, that will not be a problem for us! We are completely ready to get this thing squared away and bring it back to life. After we repair the Supra, we plan on fully building it and giving it away to one of our lucky supporters! 

In today's episode of throtl, we begin assessing the damage on the Supra and start the process of replacing all of the damaged parts. Check out the video below to see the the new sweepstakes car for yourself!

Want to get entered to win the Toyota Supra? 
Enter the throtl sweepstakes HERE: https://throtl.com/pages/sweepstakes-collection

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