Why I use throtl for selling Porsche parts.

I don't mean to brag, but we've built a pretty awesome tool for sellers and buyers alike...

I use throtl.com on a daily basis for my Porsche hot-rod and outlaw business, Bexco Automotive. Typically, I buy ratty old, neglected Porsches, that are in need of a deep reconditioning. Often, the parts on these cars are valuable to another enthusiast with different taste, or a different model year car.

See the thing with Porsches is that they really are like "lego" cars.  Parts from years 65-94 are pretty easy to swap around, and because of this, one man's junk is another man's treasure. I often try to recoup some of my costs by selling parts off of the cars I buy, to allow me to buy the parts I want from other enthusiasts.

And this is where www.throtl.com comes in...

We've built a host of seller tools to make the process easier. I'm going to step you through my process of unloading parts. 

First, I use the "Wanted to Buy" button in the VIP tools, and type in the item I have for sale in the query. This searches the web for anyone looking for the item I have for sale. 

If this turns up no results, I create an ad using the simple 4 step listing process.  There are loads of enthusiasts on the site, so I know I've got a pretty good chance at selling the part to someone else using throtl.com. 

When the listing is complete, www.throtl.com automatically emails me a forum formatted post that I can copy and paste into the Porsche forums I frequent. No more uploading images to image hosts, or locally on the forums. It's literally all done.  

Typically, from one of these avenues, the part is sold to its next happy owner, and I've made some cash to keep the project going!  

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