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Programmers and Chips: Performance Engine Tuning Parts, Digital Instrument Displays and More

What is a tuner car? A tuner car is a customized car with OEM parts swapped out for modified ones. With the use of performance tuning parts, even an ordinary car can become a high-performance vehicle. With parts like a digital instrument display, power pedal kit, or throttle sensitivty booster, you can gain unprecedented control over your favorite car or truck.

You can also customize all sort of diagnostics for your performance vehicle using chips and programmers. Changing up your rev limiter, throttle response, your AFRs --all of these are possible with the right performance tuner or chip. At throtl, you can find plug and play electronic modules that quickly and easily improve your engine performance. You can see greater horsepower and torque without having to modify your ECU. If you want to become one of the many drivers learning how to easily modify their engine performance, check out our selection of programmers and tuners today.