Our goal with this page is to give you a better understanding of the current situation impacting the performance parts industry in relation to COVID-19.


COVID-19 was a series of totally unexpected events that has absolutely wrecked havoc on the performance auto industry.  Many manufacturers were required to shut down, work with limited staff, and quickly establish work from home policies and procedures to keep the businesses operating.  This couldn't have come at a worse time as most manufacturers build substantial inventory in the early winter and spring months in order to meet demand in the spring and summer during peak season.

When the government issued stimulus to keep the economy growing, the performance parts industry saw a MASSIVE surge in orders and growth. The problem was (and still is) that the manufacturers were in no way prepared for this massive increase in sales. With limited operations, hardly any inventory, the industry was totally sideswiped by the increased demand with no foreseeable way to catch up.

The result of all this is substantially increased lead times for customers as manufacturers scramble to get caught up. Estimated ship dates are consistently being missed, and accurate inventories (and website inventories) are not possible. 

We are working around the clock to respond to your customer service related concerns and issues, and please note we are doing everything we can to get your order shipped as quickly as possible.  


My ETA keeps slipping on my order. What do I do?

We are aware that many ETA's are slipping and unfortunately there is not much we can do. You can cancel your order, however, you will lose your spot in line, and we are thinking the rest of the year is going to be the same in terms of lead times and delays. If you still intend to purchase the item in the next 6 months, we strongly suggest you keep your order.

How will you ship my item?

We will ship the item with the shipping method you requested. Please keep an eye on the order status page in your account to see the estimated ship date and as soon as we have tracking it will be automatically updated in the system.

I received a notification saying the item is going to ship from the manufacturer. Should I expect delays?

The short answer is yes, most likely. Manufacturers try their best to hit ship dates, but because of what was mentioned above, they are often unable to meet these expectations. All we can ask is that you stay patient through these strange and unprecedented times.


A message from the CEO

"Even though the industry is totally unpredictable right now, we are working overtime to provide you the great support you are used to with our company.

During these unprecedented times, the throtl team is working around the clock to ensure the fastest customer service responses and lead times in the industry. Our vast distributor network along with our strong tie to industry leaders has set us up as one of the fastest ways to get your parts. 

We appreciate each and every one of you who has stuck with us through these challenging times and remember, we are here to help!"